BEOVESPA, Beograd 10.06.-12.06. 2011.

Beo Vespa / 10. – 12. 06. 2011

Uzivajte u slikama i klipovima prve Beo Vespe i vidimo se sledece godine! … 610897315 … oz-beograd … 4546.phtml … -2011.html

2 thoughts on “BEOVESPA, Beograd 10.06.-12.06. 2011.”

  1. Dear Guys,

    We are pleased that you are on to organise this event, and some members of our club would like to take part in it.

    Please be so kind, and let me know, if there will be any news about it!

    Thank you, and best regards,
    Akos Mester
    Vespa Club Hungary

    1. no problem!
      follow us on Facebook page for news or on our web page!
      we have your mail, and we will keep you up dated.

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